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About Us

Winston and Suzanne Delawar, a father-daughter duo, are located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Winston Delawar Photography provides photography and cinematography services for Miami, Palm Beach, the Florida Keys and destination locations worldwide. They began as wedding and event photographers and have evolved on the fast track to include the corporate, celebrity, fashion, commercial and advertising markets.

The Stars of Winston Delawar Photography are daughter, Suzanne, and Commercial Photographer, Andre Rowe. Suzanne has always had an artistic inclination. She started shooting shortly after she turned thirteen when she assisted her father at a wedding and she hasn’t put the camera down since. At that first wedding, it was apparent that Suzanne had a natural eye for photography. Winston began training her and provided her with access to the top photographers and filmmakers in the world to further develop her innate abilities. As a result, Suzanne incorporates a wide range of styles and talents and has expanded her photography career to include cinematography and directing.

Andre is both an artist and a technical expert in all areas of photography. His greatest passions are commercial and fashion photography and he divides his time between South Florida and New York City.

Winston loves photography and people. Providing more than a mere handshake and a genuine smile, he always puts the client first. He listens to what customers want and delivers in full.

Winston Delawar Photography has a dedicated team of photographers and cinematographers, to provide the highest quality results for each client.